Fire Prevention


2013 Recap
  • Approximately 55 properties received Defensible Space treatment in the greater Cuchara area
  • At the end of 2013, there are now FOUR neighborhoods designated as Firewise Communities
  • Two more communities are submitting their applications to Firewise Communities/USA
  • Numerous Action Items outlined as needing attention are moving forward with local, state & federal support
  • The Baker Creek Demonstration Site is 95% complete
  • $38,000.00 was procured and spent mitigating the threat of catastrophic wildfire in this area. 
  • The “Black Hole” shaded fuel break was established 
  • The LVFPD Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) was revised & expanded. Final due 2014. 
  • Approximately 100 properties received Firewise Assessments 
  • ~90 more slash piles were burnt in Early 2013 
  • Several local contractors have joined the effort by providing a variety of mitigation services

What's On Deck In 2014?

  • The LVFPD certified and experienced saw crew will continue to carve out defensible spaces 
  • The LVFPD will continue Firewise Assessments and Firewise Community development 
  • Several Wildfire Mitigation grants are being pursued 
  • Local communities will establish a common slash collection and processing site 
  • The LVFPD “Ready, Set, GO” program will be actively expanded and promoted

Well, read up on the following:
  • CLICK HERE to read the CSU QuickGuide for creating Defensible Space.
  • CLICK HERE for information on Firewise Communites/USA.
  • CLICK HERE to download the “Ready Set Go” evacuation guide.
  • CLICK HERE to access our Mitigation request form.
  • CLICK HERE to access How Fuel Treatments Saved Homes in the 2011 Wallow Fire
  • CLICK HERE to watch a video about the Black Forest Fire Structure Protection
Watch the Papers and this website for more updates!


Contact the LVFPD Wildfire Mitigation Service for:

  • Professional Defensible Space Treatment,
  • Indepth Firewise Assessments,
  • Local Hazard Prevention Planning.
Phone:  719-742-6207


The Colorado “WildFire Mitigation Measures Subtraction” at TAX TIME!

In 2014 a limited amount of local funding will be available for reimbursement of defensible space treatment. These funds will be applied only in special considerations of financial need. Contact us to apply.

More funding opportunities are being pursued. Firewise Communities should work together with local agencies to procure grants and complete their Firewise Assessment recommendations. We have a lot to do but we are off to an incredible start!

When considered as a home improvement, wildfire mitigation expenses are a modest investment that leverages substantial long term benefits.
This isn’t easy work, but it is very important. Keep it up!!

Wildfire Mitigation Contractors

Colorado State Forest Service
    Mark Loveall (719) 742-3588
    Forest Health assessments and treatment, Fuel reduction services.

ForestWise, LLC
    Scott and Mary Canda (719) 846-2057 P.O. box 521 Aquilar, CO 81020
    Firewood, Tree Thinning, Reclamation, Wood Products

H & H Forestry
    Tyler and Nace Huff (719) 250-1108
    Forestry Mulcher service, Slash hauling, Tree service

LVFPD Wildfire Mitigation Service
    Jake Thomsen (719) 742-6207 or
    Defensible Space saw crew , Tree removal, Brush cutting, ground fuels.
    Controlled winter slash-pile burning. Firewise Assessments.

RAI Enterprises
    Robert Ingoldby (719) 859-3799 or (719) 846-3956
    Specialty Tree removal, Slash Hauling, Equipment operator


  Jake Thomsen at 719-742-6207
CALL or FAX LVFPD Station 1 @ 719-742-3656
EMAIL the Wildfire Mitigation Service at