La Veta Emergency Medical Services is a paid volunteer unit that responds in the 210 square mile La Veta Fire Protection District, including the nearly 20 miles of US Highway 160 that runs through the district, and both La Veta and Cuchara Pass. La Veta EMS provides volunteer emergency services for football games, rodeos, and other community events.


La Veta EMS was originally founded as a quick response unit and later was moved under the umbrella of the La Veta Fire Protection District.  The unit has changed over the years from a basic EMS unit to an Advanced Life Support unit.

EMTs and Support

EMS Director - Eddie Ray (Contact)
Asst. Director - Dave Mower - PARAMEDIC
Capt. Mark Brunner - EMT-BIV
Lt. John Hudson - EMT-B
Lt. Mark Worgan - EMT-B

John Mayfield - EMT-B
Tyler Schmidt - EMT-I
Sue Pezze - EMT-B
Troy Musgrave - EMT-BIV

Jenny Halstead - EMT-BIV
Darcy St. Peter - EMT-I
Norma Mower - EMT-BIV
Jenny Halstead - EMT-B

EMS Vehicles

Currently, La Veta EMS has three 4x4 ambulances.  Rescue 1 and Rescue 2 are stationed in La Veta at Station 1.  Rescue 3 is stationed at Station 2 in Cuchara.

La Veta Rescue 1 is a 2009 ALS Unit.

Rescue 1

La Veta Rescue 2 is a 1999 BLS Unit.

Rescue 2

La Veta Rescue 3 is a 1992 BLS Unit.

Rescue 3